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National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

Greenbelt Services completed two separate contracts for National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) which consisted of cleaning creeks, and watersheds due to ice storms. Greenbelt has conducted two contracts with The Corps of Engineers mowing the Lake Texoma dam, the Lake Hugo dam, and all associated park areas. 

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife

Greenbelt Services completed numerous projects for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. These projects consisted of grinding 50ft fire breaks around designated wildlife areas, clearing brush, and removing eastern red cedars.

City of Warr Acres

In 2020/2021 Greenbelt Services completed load and haul for the city of Warr Acres. (92,286) cubic yards in 9 days. Greenbelt has hauled (30,000) cubic yards for the city of the Village. Greenbelt also assisted in debris load and haul in the city of Nichols Hills. All of these projects ran simultaneously. After these projects were completed Greenbelt performed load and haul contracts for the cities of chickasha, Newcastle, and Del City.

Texas Department of Transportation

In 2021/2022 Greenbelt performed hurricane debris clean up in Brazoria and Matagorda county Texas for TXDOT, as a subcontractor for Mapco Services. During this period Greenbelt also completed a hurricane debris clean up job for the City of Bay City Texas.

Hurricane Debris Cleanup

In 2022/2023 Greenbelt performed hurricane debris cleanup in Winter Springs, Tampa, Sarasota County, and Sanibel island Florida.


Greenbelt completed Emergency Watershed (EWP) for NRCS USDA in the counties of Kingfisher, Pittsburg, Canadian, and Carter, in Oklahoma. This work consisted of clearing debris, reshaping washed-out banks and stabilizing them, installing keyways, and 12 to 24 rip rap along slopes. 

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